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  • Holiday Hangover

    Holiday Hangover

    I don’t mean an alcohol-induced hangover. I mean a hosted Thanksgiving and spent several weeks planning, shopping, and prepping and now it’s the day after and I’m EXHAUSTED hangover. I never hosted the family Thanksgiving before, so this was really exciting for me. I love this house so much and knew from the moment we […]

  • Vomit chicken!

    Vomit chicken!

    Thanksgiving is next week, and I don’t have a gravy boat. I have no need for one, since I really don’t make gravy that often. I can’t really justify having something in my kitchen cabinet that doesn’t get much use. I’m not sure anyone in my family has a gravy boat. The trusty old Pyrex […]

  • My latest craft project

    My latest craft project

    I’ve mentioned here more than once that I’m not a crafty person. Though one thing I love about the farmhouse aesthetic is that imperfections are “rustic” — well, I can do that! So, my latest project was to turn these $10 spring-themed wall hangings from Aldi (which are double sided) into something that’s appropriate for […]

  • Not quite fall, not quite summer

    Not quite fall, not quite summer

    The past few days, we’ve been in what is known as “false fall.” Though it’s still a bit warm for hoodies and hot beverages. Except in the mornings and evenings. “Second summer” will be here soon, with temperatures heading back up near 90 by this weekend. The leaves are still changing, and the hummingbirds and […]

  • Fledged! And an update on fruit production

    At our last house, we had robins and mourning doves nesting in our yard every year. It was fun to watch, especially after the babies hatched. Of course, we’re on a much larger property now. And I see bird nests all over the place. But none of them were in a good place for observation. […]

  • The time I got someone fired

    I have no idea what triggered this memory for me today. Perhaps it’s because it was around this time 15 years ago that my husband and I went on a Baltic cruise (Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Estonia, Poland, and Russia). Our time living abroad was coming to a close, and this was one of our last […]

  • Drink in the wild air

    It’s still very much summer, but I can see that fall is around the corner just by the changes in our yard. I am already harvesting ornamental gourds, for one thing. I am growing those specifically for fall décor. I broke in my dehydrator by drying some cherry tomatoes. It took FOREVER (more than 24 […]

  • Our new addition

    “For never was a story of less woe than this of Karyn and her Broomeo.”* Shakespeare, probably On Saturday, my husband and I were watching a video on YouTube of curious otters reacting to a Roomba. I mentioned how I’ve longed for a Roomba for years, though I don’t think this was exactly news. I’ve […]

  • Summer Harvest

    We’ve been here for nearly 7 months now — more than half a year — and while I’ve learned so much already, there is still much more to learn. Meanwhile, we are discussing what projects we need to do once growing season winds down. My main focus right now is the summer harvest. I have […]

  • Remember and Honor

    Shortly after I moved to Germany, I signed up as a volunteer for the Girl Scout troop at U.S. Army Garrison Schinnen in The Netherlands. One of the most rewarding experiences I had as a volunteer was helping the troop place American and Dutch flags on the graves at Netherlands American Cemetery in Margraten. It […]