People want to be inspired when they start planning their vacations. They aren’t just looking for information, they’re looking for evocative content that heightens their anticipation ahead of their trip.


“The problem of travel at this particular moment is not too many people traveling in general, it is too many people wanting to experience the exact same thing because they all went to the same websites and read the same reviews.” — Rebecca Jennings, 

People want to be travelers—not tourists—and have a memorable, authentic travel experience. If they’re going where all the tourists are going, their experience won’t be authentic, and it might just be memorable for all the wrong reasons.

I’m Karyn, a U.S.-based travel advisor, writer, editor, marketer, and sometimes photographer. I’ve lived overseas and traveled broadly, so I understand how passionate travelers can be. My mission is to show people that travel isn’t just a luxury, it’s a means of  understanding and connecting with other humans and cultures, bringing us all a little closer together. 

I combine my creative writing and journalism backgrounds to create content that tells a story, connects with audiences, and gets them excited about their trip. 

As your travel content writer, you can depend on me to perform:

  • Research: I vet the sources I use and consult subject matter experts as needed.
  • Editing and fact checking: I self-edit to ensure the content adheres to house style. I fact check to ensure accuracy.
  • Proofreading: I always proofread prior to submission for grammar, spelling, and punctuation. You receive content that is polished and ready to be used.

Your audience dreams of travel. The right content helps those dreams take flight.

Samples of my work

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