Planting the seed (or, why I chose to be my own boss)

I’ve been a freelance writer and editor off and on since 2005. It happened by accident. We were living in Germany at the time, and I had a travel blog to keep friends and family updated on our adventures around Europe. Because of that travel blog, I was approached to write some travel guides forContinue reading “Planting the seed (or, why I chose to be my own boss)”

On writing, editing, and gardening

I was prepping my veggie bed the other day, getting ready to plant (lettuces and spinach very soon). And I was thinking about how gardening is a fitting endeavor for a writer/editor.  Why? Well, a brand new garden is like a blank page. The possibilities are endless. If you’re meticulous as both a writer andContinue reading “On writing, editing, and gardening”

A Sixth Grade Prediction

“Remember her name. It will be on books someday.” This is what my sixth grade Language Arts teacher, Mrs. George, said to a gymnasium full of parents as she was announcing my academic award. I have never forgotten it.  (Of course, I no longer go by my maiden name, which is quite a bit moreContinue reading “A Sixth Grade Prediction”

In Defense of English Majors

I keep thinking I need to update, but then I sit for a long time, staring at a blank page. Between work, grad school, and general adult responsibilities, I’m in a permanent state of exhaustion. That makes it rather hard to be creative when I sit down to write, but here goes. Twenty plus yearsContinue reading “In Defense of English Majors”

Columbus State Writers Conference

I attended a writers conference last Saturday at Columbus State Community College. It’s a free annual event. It doesn’t compare to the Antioch Writers’ Workshop I attended last summer (which, sadly, was the last AWW workshop – RIP), but I felt it was worth my time. And, as I said, it’s free. The first sessionContinue reading “Columbus State Writers Conference”

You’re Invited

As we turned into the parking lot near One Observatory Circle, the butterflies in my stomach began fluttering faster and harder. I saw the shuttle that would drive us to the Vice President’s Residence, but before we could board, we had to be cleared by a Secret Service Agent. Once we were seated on theContinue reading “You’re Invited”

July 16

I feel guilty about this, but July 16 passed this year without me remembering it as the anniversary of Grandpa’s death. I think that’s the first time that has ever happened. Nineteen years. *** I was studying in Bath, England that summer, my senior year at Ohio State. It was the most exciting thing toContinue reading “July 16”

The Accidental Gardener

We closed on our house two years ago today, and with the house came a decent-sized vegetable garden. It was all a bit intimidating. I had only been a homeowner once before and never got around to doing much in the way of gardening. Throughout Lance’s military career, we lived in a lot of rentalContinue reading “The Accidental Gardener”