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  • The Moment

    The moment the realization struck me is still vivid in my memory – much like any other life-changing moment. It was the summer of 2003, and I was in Germany. My fiancé (now husband) was stationed there and had just moved there a couple months prior. Instead of planning a wedding, I was there preparing […]

  • The Unnatural Optimist

    I evidently was born not to look on the bright side of life. Critical, cynical, pessimistic … glass half empty. I can’t tell you how many friends I lost over the years because, at different points in my life, I became toxic.  “This is just who I am,” I would tell myself. And if people […]

  • My First Summer as a Grown-up

      Twenty years ago at this time, I was in England, studying abroad for the summer in Bath. It was my first time outside the U.S. My flight from Columbus to St. Louis (and then to London) was the first time in my life I’d even flown on a plane. (TWA, and that airline hasn’t […]

  • Grit and Determination: On Ultrarunning and Life

    My brother, Marcus, is an ultrarunner. He has finished (and not finished) several long-distance trail runs over the past decade or so, with the maximum distance being 100 miles. Two weeks ago, he came back to Ohio to run the Mohican Trail 100. Mohican is a special place for us. We went there frequently as […]

  • Life, Death, and Donations

    October 9, 1989 – I was a freshman in high school. I was at my locker before homeroom, preparing for the day. A friend approached me, her face very serious and sad. “Sherry died last night,” she announced. I raged at her. Told her to shut up. It couldn’t possibly be true. Sherry was only […]