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    Two weeks from this evening, it’s all done. I will get my final grades within the following week. And soon, I will be able to put an M.S. after my name on my LinkedIn profile. It’s getting real. I’ve spent the evening making some updates to my portfolio. I wanted to add what I feel […]

  • Train. Tunnel. Ever brightening light.

    As of today, I have seven weeks left of grad school.  SEVEN WEEKS. It’s crazy to me. I remember the first day of class very clearly. It was October 1 of last year, so it really wasn’t so long ago. But it felt like such a mountain to climb at the time. My first instructor, […]

  • Failure and Redemption

    Last week, I applied to graduate during the fall 2020 commencement with a Master of Science in Marketing and Communication. Earning a master’s degree is a significant achievement, but for me, it’s also closing a painful chapter in my life.  This is the narrative I needed to write for over 17 years. It’s also one […]

  • Among the Stacks

    I’m such a library nerd. I have been since I was a kid, and every almost trip to the library resulted in me walking out with a stack of books in my arms, eager to go home and dive in. One of my favorite activities used to be perusing the stacks to find a book […]

  • Grad student.

    Grad student.

    That is part of my identity now, and I’m still trying to wrap my brain around it. After one attempt at a master’s degree from 2001-2003 that didn’t end well, I’ve spent far too much time thinking about a do-over. Not in English, as I originally attempted, but in something else. One time, I was […]

  • Grit and Determination: On Ultrarunning and Life

    My brother, Marcus, is an ultrarunner. He has finished (and not finished) several long-distance trail runs over the past decade or so, with the maximum distance being 100 miles. Two weeks ago, he came back to Ohio to run the Mohican Trail 100. Mohican is a special place for us. We went there frequently as […]