Ebb and Flow

I know I’ve been posting a lot about how grateful I am that we ended up here. This house on five acres is never the type of place I imagined we would be, but I know a peace and joy here that I haven’t known anywhere else. That said, it’s not always coming up roses. … More Ebb and Flow

Spring update

Two posts in one day! But a lot has been going on. For starters, I planted two blueberry bushes recently. Blueberries are one of my favorite fruits, and as many fruits as we are growing here, we aren’t growing those. So I figured I might as well. On Monday, I noticed that something snapped off … More Spring update

Planting the seed (or, why I chose to be my own boss)

I’ve been a freelance writer and editor off and on since 2005. It happened by accident. We were living in Germany at the time, and I had a travel blog to keep friends and family updated on our adventures around Europe. Because of that travel blog, I was approached to write some travel guides for … More Planting the seed (or, why I chose to be my own boss)

Spring at the Farm

I love experiencing our first spring here. The yard seems to always be muddy and the weeds are out of control, but I love witnessing the changes in our woods, our pond, our trees … Living here is hard work, but I have no regrets. It’s rewarding, tremendously peaceful, and quiet. Right now, I’m focusing … More Spring at the Farm

Dreaming of Spring

“February” by Jane Goodwin Austin I thought the world was cold in death; The flowers, the birds, all life was gone, For January’s bitter breath Had slain the bloom and hushed the song. And still the earth is cold and white, And mead and forest yet are bare; But there’s a something in the light … More Dreaming of Spring