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  • Busy, busy

    Busy, busy

    It’s November, and yet it feels like September. Our temperatures for the foreseeable future are going to stay well above average. This gives us more time to get the work done outside that needs to be done before winter. And I’m still harvesting seeds from the zinnias and calendula. Additionally, my writing/editing work is starting […]

  • A change is in the air

    A change is in the air

    I usually think of August as being one of the hottest months — not so much this year. The temperatures have been pretty mild and comfortable for most of the month. We’ve had a few warmer days here and there. And with the leaves starting to change, I can definitely tell that fall is just […]

  • The demise of Frankenshrub

    My readership has been growing at a steady pace, so I want to thank everyone who recently followed me and those of you who have been following me for some time. Last week was super frustrating. Between fireworks and thunderstorms, poor Blitz spent a lot of the week quaking in terror. We got over 5 […]