I returned yesterday from a week in California – a vacation that was part solo adventuring, part family visit. My brother lives in Vacaville, near Sacramento. I flew in on Saturday the 16th and rented a car. (My layover was in Phoenix, and the flight from Phoenix to Sacramento took us over Las Vegas and … More California

Casita Bonita

Three years ago, right around the time my husband retired from the Air Force, we still hadn’t made any firm decisions on what we were going to do post-retirement. I had a good job already, so we considered staying where we were (Annapolis, Maryland). He would either go back to school and finish his degree … More Casita Bonita

I am a writer

(Hat tip: How to Say “I’m a Writer” and Mean It) “Her name will appear on books someday.” That’s what my sixth grade Language Arts teacher said at an awards ceremony with school faculty, staff, parents, and other students present. She was presenting me with a special award. I was a star pupil. I suppose … More I am a writer

Toward the sunshine

Keep your face always toward the sunshine – and shadows will fall behind you. – Walt Whitman One of the habits I am trying to cultivate in 2019 is positivity. I’m a natural-born cynic with a giant sarcastic streak and a self-deprecating sense of humor. Add an emotionally abusive upbringing into the mix, and it’s … More Toward the sunshine


I had two major goals for 2018: Read at least 50 books and find a new job. I’m pleased to say I did both. I’m currently on book 56, and I started a new job in June after working in a very toxic environment that was wreaking havoc on my emotional health. I’m in a … More Goals


Some of my favorite childhood memories revolve around Thanksgiving. That was always the big holiday in my family. We’d gather at my grandparents’ house in Findlay, Ohio. My aunt and cousins would drive in from Illinois. I had cousins who would come from South Carolina. For a few days each year, we would eat, laugh, … More Thankful