Author: Karyn E. Johnson

  • Holiday Hangover

    Holiday Hangover

    I don’t mean an alcohol-induced hangover. I mean a hosted Thanksgiving and spent several weeks planning, shopping, and prepping and now it’s the day after and I’m EXHAUSTED hangover. I never hosted the family Thanksgiving before, so this was really exciting for me. I love this house so much and knew from the moment we […]

  • Vomit chicken!

    Vomit chicken!

    Thanksgiving is next week, and I don’t have a gravy boat. I have no need for one, since I really don’t make gravy that often. I can’t really justify having something in my kitchen cabinet that doesn’t get much use. I’m not sure anyone in my family has a gravy boat. The trusty old Pyrex […]

  • My latest craft project

    My latest craft project

    I’ve mentioned here more than once that I’m not a crafty person. Though one thing I love about the farmhouse aesthetic is that imperfections are “rustic” — well, I can do that! So, my latest project was to turn these $10 spring-themed wall hangings from Aldi (which are double sided) into something that’s appropriate for […]

  • Farewell, nice weather

    Farewell, nice weather

    A year ago today, we went into contract on this house. That was an exciting and terrifying time. I loved the house so much (even without a dishwasher — a situation we rectified as quickly as possible), but the size of the yard was incredibly intimidating. Almost a year later, we have no regrets. Yes, […]

  • Busy, busy

    Busy, busy

    It’s November, and yet it feels like September. Our temperatures for the foreseeable future are going to stay well above average. This gives us more time to get the work done outside that needs to be done before winter. And I’m still harvesting seeds from the zinnias and calendula. Additionally, my writing/editing work is starting […]

  • Blast from the past: Ancient Aachen

    Blast from the past: Ancient Aachen

    I’m looking through some of my old travel writing — stuff I wrote when I was living in Germany. I’m sharing this article about Aachen, a place I visited frequently. This was a commissioned piece, though it was never published. Long story. I must confess that I just did some copyediting on this. I wrote […]

  • A colorful October

    A colorful October

    “I’m so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers.” L. M. Montgomery, Anne of Green Gables It’s amazing how vibrant the fall colors are out here on our 5 acres. I’m not sure if this is a normal autumn or if this is a particularly splendid year. It takes my breath away almost […]

  • Team candy corn

    Team candy corn

    Not that my post is about candy corn. I just happen to be eating some right now (it goes great with Hershey Kisses, by the way), and I know that people either love it or hate it. If we have it in the house, we can’t stay out of it. I guess it’s a good […]

  • Not quite fall, not quite summer

    Not quite fall, not quite summer

    The past few days, we’ve been in what is known as “false fall.” Though it’s still a bit warm for hoodies and hot beverages. Except in the mornings and evenings. “Second summer” will be here soon, with temperatures heading back up near 90 by this weekend. The leaves are still changing, and the hummingbirds and […]

  • A change is in the air

    A change is in the air

    I usually think of August as being one of the hottest months — not so much this year. The temperatures have been pretty mild and comfortable for most of the month. We’ve had a few warmer days here and there. And with the leaves starting to change, I can definitely tell that fall is just […]