A Kid in a Candy Store

I attended a seed swap over the weekend and may have gone a tad overboard.

Included in this stash: ground cherry seeds. I have never tasted them, but they intrigue me and I want to grow them. I think, based on descriptions of their flavor, that I’d like them.

Of course, I followed up the seed swap by stopping at a nearby nursery and buying even more seeds. It’s a sickness, though not in a bad way.

I’m planning to sow my seeds outdoors in milk jugs this year. Never tried that before, but I have plenty of seeds if it doesn’t work out.

In other news, we have a mess to clean up after our recent wind storm.

Our neighbors have a row of conifers along the fence line with our property. The top of one of these trees snapped off, crashed through the fence (which is rusty chicken wire anyway, so no biggie) and fell into our yard. No damage done to our yard or anything — just the need for clean up.

At the moment, it’s way too soggy and messy out there to deal with it. If it’s not raining, it’s snowing. Our yard has been flooded/muddy for well over a week now. We need to wait until it’s cold enough for the ground to freeze.

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