Vomit chicken!

Thanksgiving is next week, and I don’t have a gravy boat. I have no need for one, since I really don’t make gravy that often. I can’t really justify having something in my kitchen cabinet that doesn’t get much use.

I’m not sure anyone in my family has a gravy boat. The trusty old Pyrex liquid measuring cup is usually pressed into service for gravy pouring. And while I have one of those, I can do even better.

Behold, my chicken pitcher from Italy!

I knew it would come in useful at some point in my life. I have used it as a flower vase once or twice, but mostly it just sits on a bookshelf, collecting dust.

The gravy shall pour forth from its beak. Hence, I shall call it vomit chicken, and it will grace my Thanksgiving buffet forevermore.

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