Drink in the wild air

It’s still very much summer, but I can see that fall is around the corner just by the changes in our yard. I am already harvesting ornamental gourds, for one thing. I am growing those specifically for fall décor.

I broke in my dehydrator by drying some cherry tomatoes. It took FOREVER (more than 24 hours), but it takes very little effort. Just rinse the tomatoes, cut in half, place them skin side down in the dehydrator, set at 135 degrees, and leave them alone. I checked on them after about 13 hours or so and then every few hours after that until they were all dehydrated.

Can’t wait to try these and see how they compare with sundried tomatoes. I’m probably going to do more because the cherry tomato plant is producing a lot.

Some recent photos from around the farm:

We finally burned the brush pile today!

S’mores anyone?

I’ve been watching the cardinal nest outside our living room window, and I’m seeing both Mom and Dad do feedings, but I still haven’t seen the babies. Hoping to get a peek at the babies soon.

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