Money well spent?

In January, we spent $17K on this.

And here we are, in late April, and it sits in the garage because we’ve had SO MUCH RAIN and the ground is way too soggy to mow. (Also, a lot of rain tends to make the grass grow very tall.)

OK. So it didn’t sit in the garage this entire time. Our neighbors mowed their lawns despite all the rain, so we thought we could, too. (Their yards flood as well, so it’s not just us.)

Stuck in the mud!

It took almost three hours to free this machine from this sucking mud pit. (Which included a trip to the garden center for several bags of river rock to fill in the ruts.)

You know what else can keep the grass trimmed? And in all sorts of weather, too …

Photo by Pixabay on

And you get fertilizer!

Starting to regret that we didn’t spend $17K on goats.

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