April showers bring …

Well, May flowers, yes. But also flooding. The biggest downside to moving here so far is just how much the yard floods. And we’ve had A LOT of rain since we moved here. I have had to be more accepting of mud getting all over everything, especially Blitz. That dog loves to be out in the yard, and I’m not going to deprive him of that joy just because of some mud. Life’s too short, and Blitz is old. (And it’s nothing a good scrub with a wet washcloth can’t fix, even though he hates that part.)

So, I put on my Sloggers rain boots (they aren’t paying me to promote them … I just love these boots — and their garden clogs are awesome, too), and we try to get out as much as possible as the weather allows. (I should note that the boots aren’t just for the mud. We get a lot of deer in our yard — and other wildlife — and they obviously leave evidence of their visits behind. I just wish Blitz would stop sniffing it out and eating it. Ick.)

It’s a real joy to notice the subtle changes occurring in the yard every day as we get deeper into spring. I am excited to see peonies coming up. Rhubarb and scallions have sprouted in the raised beds (along with a million assorted weeds). Green cattail stalks are rising out of the pond. The daffodils are still going, but the tulips are about to have their moment in the sun. And tender green leaves are starting to open on the trees and shrubs.

On that note, I’ll stop writing and let photos do the talking for me.

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