Spring marches in

Well, it’s more of a tip-toe, really. But the days have been warming up, and I can definitely see the shift in the seasons. The fun part has now begun where I get to see what pops up in the garden beds.

Daffodils — a sign that spring is on our doorstep

Yesterday, I also noticed hyacinths starting to emerge from the dirt.

Two of the raised beds are clearly reserved for strawberries. Their leaves are now starting to pop up.

I am hearing more birdsong and seeing more robins in our yard. The ground is very wet from all the rain and snowmelt we’ve had recently, so I’m sure they are finding a lot of worms!

I’m sure we’ll be hearing spring peepers soon. Also, I’m keeping my eye on the pond, waiting for our resident snapping turtle(s) to emerge. The previous owners told us they lived back there, but since we moved here in December, we obviously haven’t seen them yet. I don’t know how many we have.

Excited for all the changes that come with a new season. Though winter isn’t quite done with us yet.

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